Special Thanks Goes Out to…………….



Let’s give a BIG THANK YOU to  Mary Sibilsky for her continuous efforts of keeping the Village neat and tidy on her walks!!!

Special thanks goes out to Donna Clark and daughter LaDeana Clark Taylor for their dedication and hard work in keeping the Forestville Village Rummage Sale going. This year’s proceeds were $290 and will go again towards the upkeep of the park. Even though Donna does not officially live in the Village, she has been a willing sponsor to take over when the original hosts could no longer continue the annual event.   The Sale takes place in mid June and costs a $10 fee to have your sale appear on the map. If you have any questions regarding the Village Rummage Sales, you may contact Donna at the Clark’s Bar & Family Restaurant, 131 E. Main Street, Forestville.

Special thanks also goes out to Shawn Henderson, Village Trustee, for his work on spiffing up three of the park picnic benches. The benches were badly in need of some TLC and got a good pressure washing from Shawn.  With the help of Scott Pinchart, also a Village Trustee, the two of them then sanded down the rough spots. See the difference?  🙂


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