Notice of Public Hearing … Flood Plain Ordinance

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Village Board of the Village of Forestville will be holding a Public Hearing on the updated Flood Plain Ordinance on Monday, November 15, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. at the Village Hall located at 123 Forestville Ave., Forestville, Wisconsin. All persons fro the Village are invited to attend, and all comments are welcome.

Tiffany Dufek
Village Clerk

The public hearing site is accessible to people with disabilities. If your attendance requires special accommodations, please contact the Village Clerk at (920) 536-3181.

This notice was posted on 11-01-2021 at the following locations: Village Hall/Library, Forestville Post Office, and Forestville One Stop.

The complete Flood Plain Ordinance can be downloaded and read by visiting this site:


To avoid an additional $5.00 late fee, be sure to get your dog license(s) on or before the April 1, 2021 deadline !

RABIES VACCINATION AND DOG LICENSE REQUIREMENTS …. Pursuant to Section 174.052, Wisconsin Statutes, notice is hereby given to all owners of dogs in Door County that rabies vaccinations and dog licenses are required under the statutes. Vaccination by a veterinarian against rabies of all dogs is required (Sec. 95.21) within 30 days after the dog reaches 4 months of age, and re-vaccinated before the certificate expires or within three years of the previous vaccination. Notice is hereby further given that evidence that the dog is currently immunized against rabies must be presented before a license can be issued. To qualify for the minimum license fee for neutered males or spayed females, presentation of evidence attesting to same must be presented when applying for the license. PENALTIES A minimum late fee of $5.00 shall be assessed the owner of each dog 5 months of age or over who fails to obtain a dog license by April 1st each year, or within 30 days of acquiring ownership on or before the dog reached licensable age. The minimum late fee may be raised by municipal action. Any owner who fails to have a dog vaccinated against rabies as required by statute may be required to forfeit not less than $50 nor more than $100. Contact your Town, Village or City Treasurer to license your dog.

Village of Forestville Library

Congratulations to Barb Husch, Forestville Branch Librarian, who was presented with a Citation by the Assembly, State of Wisconsin, reading, in part, : “to Barbara Husch, who has spent the past 25 years serving the Forestville Branch library with her knowledge, winning attitude, optimism, and kindness; and her creativity during story time to engage children to help them expand their minds by nurturing their curiosity while broadening their love for learning”.

Representative Joel Kitchens presenting Barb Husch, Forestville Branch Librarian with a citation from the State … 6/3/2019.

Three ordinances revised/added at December 17, 2018 Village Board Meeting

At Dec. 17, 2018 monthly meeting, the Village Board approved Ch. 58 Solid Waste / Recycling Ordinance after agreeing to enter into curbside garbage pickup contract with Advanced Disposal. 

The Village Board added prohibition of manure and agricultural waste applications to Ch. 287 Nuisances, section 3.  The Village Board also revised Ch. 83 Officers Ordinance to update Clerk & Treasurer duties.

Copies of all three ordinances will be posted for the next 30 days at the Post Office and at the Library/Village Hall.  See Dec. 17, 2018 meeting packet for electronic copies.